Bujang Senang

Bujang Senang

Oct 9, 2011

Kes Liwat AI - Banyaknya Sakit Anwar Ibrahim : Cervical Spondylosis, Spinal Stenosis, Lumbar Sclerosis, Arthritis & Lemah Kaki Kiri Tapi....

Susah betul untuk mendapat skrip prosiding mahkamah kes liwat Anwar Ibrahim hari ini yang benar-benar tepat. Wartawan melaporkan pelbagai versi yang berlainan, lebih-lebih lagi apabila Dr Thomas Hoogland memberi kenyataan dari segi perubatan.

Maka, laporan yang diberikan menjadi kelam kabut dan kadangkala melucukan.

Tetapi MiM amat berminat ingin tahu dengan jelas kerana MiM seorang doktor perubatan. Dapatlah MiM berkongsi maklumat perubatan dengan pembaca sekalian supaya lebih jelas.

Hanya di bawah ini laporan skrip mahkamah yang agak lengkap tetapi ianya disediakan oleh portal berita yang terkenal dengan putarbelit dan pembohongan.

Maka, berhati-hati apabila membaca skrip di bawah. MiM bukan menuduh tetapi terdapat klaus skrip yang ternyata putarbelit. Contohnya di bawah :-

He says there was significant improvement in Anwar's condition before the surgery, but there was not much change after he was discharged from the hospital on Sept 24, 2004.

Hairan kerana portal itu melaporkan bahawa Anwar Ibrahim bertambah baik sebelum pembedahan tetapi tiada perubahan selepas pembedahan dan selepas keluar dari hospital.

Kalau bertambah baik sebelum pembedahan, kenapa perlu Anwar Ibrahim menjalani pembedahan tersebut? Lawak!

Tak apalah. MiM akan terangkan dengan lebih lanjut jika ada maklumat terbaru. Dan banyak juga sakit Anwar Ibrahim ini tetapi seperti yang MiM terangkan sebelum ini:-

"It is not about sexual gratification. When a sexual assault happens, it is not because a man is sexually frustrated. 

What we are talking about is a man using somebody else as a means of saying 'I'm the one in control.' KLIK SINI

Rujuk di bawah :-

9.37am: Court starts with Justice Zabidin presiding.

Now he will deliver the decision. After hearing and reading the affidavits, the court agrees to allow Najib and Rosmah's application.

9.41am: Dr Thomas Hoogland takes the stand. He is an orthapaedic surgeon and is aged 66. He lives in Munich, Germany.

N Sankara is questioning.

"I am here to give evidence as Mr Anwar's doctor," Hoogland said

9.44: Hoogland states his credentials, his academic qualification and that he has a Phd from the Birmingham University.

9.46am: Hoogland says he has performed 14,000 spine surgeries. He has written five books on spine surgery. He is a member of the German Society of Orthapaedics and his main interests is orthoscopic surgery.

10.04am: Hoogland explains the lumbar part of the spine and its functions. He explains that a slipped disc is excruciating pain to the back. It can cause a lot of problems, particularly when standing. 

10.08am: Hoogland uses computer images put up on a white screen to explain from the witness stand. He explains that a stepnosis is a narrowing of the canal in the spine.

10.17am: Hoogland says he met Anwar in April, 2001, while he was in prison under police surveillance.

He saw him again in Sept 2004, after Anwar was released.

"Anwar arrived at the Alpha Clinic in Munich, Germany. It was clear and decided then that he undergo surgery."

"He had surgery with local anaesthesia."

10.19am: The witness says he prepared his report on the Anwar surgery and gave Anwar a copy of the report upon the politician's request.

10.21am: He says Anwar has lumbar sclerosis, which affects the patients leg and hand.

"In particular, the left leg, following an old neck problem."

He said he met Anwar on Sept 4, 2004, and he had complained then of being assaulted while in police custody six years’ earlier.

10.24am: The witness says that the longer the nerve is irritated, the more likely it would result in subsequent loss of function.

10.30am: Anwar has problems bending forward and with the mobility of his spine.

10.32am: Hoogland says that based on the system he made the diagnosis of lateral stonosis, which would narrow the canal of the spine.

10.36am: He says Anwar was in the hospital for three weeks, from Sept 6 until 27 Sept 2004.

"There was no complication."

10.43am: Anwar has, however, pain on the left side.

10.43am: Hoogland is asked whether the problem would recur, to which he replies the recurrence rate is 5-20 percent.

"As to sclerosis it is 15 percent."

10.47am: Hoogland says degeneration of the bones is not a natural process, but it is quite normal.

10.50am: Hoogland's medical report is marked as evidence. Hoogland explains the surgery performed on Anwar on Sept 6, 2004.

10.56am: Hoogland's surgery report is marked as evidence.

11am: Hoogland says Anwar's fourth and fifth lumbar disc has healed, unlike before in 2001.

11.02am: Sankara asks for a short break, to which the judge allows.

11.45am: Court resumes. Hoogland says three months after the surgery, Anwar went again to his Munich clinic in February 2005. The witness says on Feb 7, he did examination and it indicated that Anwar continued to suffer from back pain every now and then.

11.50am: He says there was significant improvement in Anwar's condition before the surgery, but there was not much change after he was discharged from the hospital on Sept 24, 2004.

"The back muscle is important to control the back movement."

11.54am: Hoogland says he has treated many Muslim patients from Middle Eastern countries, and praying is always an issue.

"I advised Anwar to perform prayer to do it carefully and slowly.

"You can bend forward quickly but when you go back, do it very slowly (moving back upright and standing)."

11.58am: Hoogland says he advised Anwar to rise up slowly as it could cause severe pain and injury to the disc.

"When you move too quick, it would result in more rubbing and result in more athritis.

"Anwar has severe athritis."

12.01pm: Hoogland says he last inspected Anwar on Sept 8, 2011. Anwar has athritis and stenosis.

12.03pm: The spine doctor says that Anwar has limitation in the mobility of his back, numbness on the left side and leg.

12.05pm: There was significant pain on the left side and left leg.

"After surgery in 2004, the straight recreation test was negative, however now it is positive."

"Tests that I did there is evidence of compression on the left side. Reflexes were normal."

The witness says Anwar has weakness on his left foot. There is weakness in both strength and sensation

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