Bujang Senang

Bujang Senang

20 Nov 2008


If someone forced me to bet my money on any candidate, then I will bet on Khairy Jamaluddin, because if things don't change any time sooner, then he will definitely win the party's election to become the next UMNO youth's chief.

Sound so bad isn't? For someone like me who despise the Illuminati so much, how could I think that this man will win against Mukhriz Mahathir? Why is that?

My answer for you all, it is because we have been idiots since March 2008, and we have learned nothing at all from the recent events, and that despite warnings given, we still hadn't' realized that our compass had been diverted from its true north.

The general things about us Malays are we always assume the course of human history is always influenced by one person only. So when UMNO was on its height we gave every credits on one person that is Tun Mahathir, and when UMNO plunged on March 2008 we put the blame almost entirely on Pak Lah. Of course Tun deserves most of the credit, but so does the rest of the population who abide to his policies and promoted it to make it work. And yes yes yes, we do associate the no good son-in-law of Paklah to UMNO's downfall, but if that means we already won, how come after we had successfully forced Pak Lah to unseat himself this coming March, the son in law is still able to maintain his course to become the next Cabinet Minister?

The success and failure of a nation is influenced by the entire population as a whole. The leader and the people are just different individuals working together for the glory the team. A prime minister is just one person with 5 senses like the rest of us. The difference between Tun and Pak Lah goes down to guts and knowledge. Tun knew that despite of leading the most politically powerful party in Malaysia, the survival of his political legacy still requires the supports and dedication of the entire population regardless of race and religion. Pak Lah on the other hand assumed that all he needs to please and listen to is a bunch of 4th floor boys, some Ethos advisors, Political Figures and a few thousands of Ketua Bahagian and Cawangan.

Such a grave mistakes, and it will costs him more that he could bear. I mean to be branded by the generations of the future as one of the biggest loser in Malays history is, I think, the worse thing could happen to an aging man like him. To understand how bad it will be, just imagine that 10 years time your own child is blaming you on something you've done today, yaiiii!.. That sucks big time, wouldn't it?

But of course he can still do something about it. He knows that protecting the wishes of his daughter and his menantu will come at the costs of sacrificing UMNO and the entire future generation. Pak Lah knows how corrupt his menantu is and that he will be more and more corrupt as he stepped towards the next big seats in UMNO. If things go as planned by the Illuminati, Khairy Jamaluddin will be the reason behind the disintegration of UMNO and the entire Barisan Nasional before the next general election, and Pak Lah will be in the front seat to see it all happened.

The question to us now is whether we want to sit next to Pak Lah when all these things happen. The truth is, it doesn't matter whether you're a common man on a street or a member of parliament, or whether you're making just a thousand ringgit or a million per month, we all are responsible for the future of our next generation. So should the next ten or twenty years see the deterioration of the quality of life affecting our children in this country, then the question to us by then is what had we done today to prevent such future misfortune?

If my prediction is correct, we will see the misfortune that had befall us on PRU-12 March 2008 repeating itself in the next UMNO General Assembly March 2009. Remember what had happened during the nation's 12th general election? Millions of UMNO / BN loyalists all over the country cast their precious votes in favor of the opposition because they were trapped under presumption that their votes wouldn't make a difference. Duped by the opposition's calling of "jom kurangkan majoriti", each and everyone of them assume that Barisan Nasional is too strong to be shaken that a couple of missing votes from them will not change history. Under such presumption and coupled with dissatisfaction towards Paklah's policies, some cast their votes for Anwar Ibrahim, others deliberately cast bad votes, while the remaining in the category didn't even bother to go to vote at all.

The rest of the story as we know it, is history. Barisan Nasional lose five states and we are now watching all sorts of opposition sponsored groups and individuals marching to our doors trying to strip us of all the benefits we previously enjoyed unchallenged.

As I'm watching the recent numbers of those nominating Khairy Jamaluddin to become the next UMNO youth's chief, I began to realize that the plague of money politics and stupid foresights are still embedded within our local UMNO leaders. No doubt that amongst all the 52 divisions who nominated him as candidate, probably only a few of them really supports him at hearts. The rests are either being threatened, bribed or sweet talked into doing it. It doesn't make sense that our divisions leaders failed to see that KJ is one of the major factor behind the downfall of UMNO during the last general election. Therefore any remarks that the nomination of Khairy Jamaluddin is mirroring wishes of the grassroots members are all bullocks.

So why are these divisions still submitting themselves to the fear and temptations? I think the reason is because like the rest of us prior to the 12th general election, leaders and members of these divisions thought that their nominations and votes would not make any difference. Upon learning that Dato Mukhriz Mahathir had already won the nomination with impressive 75 nominations, everyone now is assuming that it would be a walk on the park for Mukhriz to be elected as the next Youth's Chief. Therefore upon being offered with bribes and sweet promises by Khairy's camp, each of them was thinking "hmm.. mukhriz already won nomination.. even if I take the money and nominate KJ now it wouldn't change anything.. so why not.. jom sambil menyelam sambil minum air"

Not changing anything is it? Oh really?

That is why I'm saying that in the next general assembly there'll be a big surprise waiting for us. Our tsunami hopefull Dato Mukhriz, the son of our beloved Tun Mahathir, WILL LOSE the party election. Thousands of UMNO members attending the assembly will come with full love and support of Dato Mukhriz. Everyone will talk to the person sitting next to him about the worse of KJ and the best of Mukhriz. Everybody will claim he is part of the tsunami and praises the changes about to be done by Mukhriz. But when it's time to vote, they will instead vote for Khairy Jamaluddin because earlier they had been tempted with promises of this and that from Khairy's camp. Due to the massive supports gathered by Mukriz during nomination, all of them will cast a vote in favor of KJ because each and every one of them assumes that their votes will not make any difference. The person sitting on the left assume the person sitting on the right will vote for Mukhriz and vice versa, whereas what will actually happen is both of them will casts their vote for Khairy.

Once the dusts cleared and Khairy won the election, each and everone of them will start blaming the voting systems or delegation members from this and that states. No one is willing to admit that he is the one who secretly cast the Khairy's vote.

If I'm proven wrong about this and that Dato Mukhriz won the election, I'll be inviting my neighbors for kenduri kesyukuran. To all individuals who will be attending UMNO general assembly, please please proof me wrong.

We as the member of UMNO who support this tsunami must remind ourselves that we too must play our role in ensuring Mukhriz's winning together with the rest of UMNO leaders who are pro-tsunami. Despite our busy schedules and daily workloads, we should at least contribute a little bit to ensure that this tsunami will no subside at least until the next general election. From visiting your non-Malay neighbors to voting in UMNO general assembly, from helping those who need your assistance regardless of his religion to writing an article for anti opposition blogs, from protecting your neighborhood from Mat Rempit to printing huge banner depicting anti Anwar Ibrahim slogan - all good deeds performed in multiracial community coupled with straight forward campaign against the proxies of Illuminati are parts of the tsunami, and like the votes which shall be counted in the general assembly, all our conducts today will eventually shape the future of our children.

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