Bujang Senang

Bujang Senang

2 Ogo 2012

Fracas Over Postal Votes at EC briefing

Fracas Over Postal Votes at EC briefing.....:-)  A brief fracas broke out between PKR's Dr Micheal Teo and Assistant Housing Minister Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah during a question and answer session at the Election Commission briefing here yesterday. The incident erupted when Dr Teo claimed that the postal votes cast by uniformed personnel could be manipulated if the ballot boxes were not placed at the tallying cantres after the voting process as it might lead to vote tampering This led to Abdul Karim retorting the claims by saying that Dr Teo was raising a stupid question. 

An argument then ensued between them before Abdul Karim and his PBB colleagues walked out of the conference room(in picture, Dr Teo getting heated trading barbs with YB Abdul Karim, Yb Abdullah Hj Saidol and some PBB members during the question and answer session.....) The briefing was held to update political parties and media representatives on the latest election rules which will be implemented in the coming general election. Later,Abdul Karim told reporters that it was wrong for Dr Teo to make an allegation "It was a question and answer session after the briefing and Dr Teo should have just asked relevant questions. 

"Its unfair for him to make that kind of unfounded allegation.So after a brief argument with him,we just left the conference room," he said. State PKR Chairman Baru Bian when contacted declined to comment on the matter. Dr Teo contested a last year's state election where he lost to SUPP's Datuk Lee Kim Shin by a razor thin 58-vote majority......  The Star

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