Bujang Senang

Bujang Senang

15 Jul 2016


Due to lack of issues, the Tony and the PakaTUN are trying to portray that the AG report has many new revelations against 1MDB and is the final BOMB!

Perhaps Tony forgot that he and THREE of his Pakatan colleagues in the PAC Panel already read the full AG report over many days and also had the luxury to get clarification and cross-examine the auditors and the witnesses about the AG report?

If the AG report leaked by Sarawak Report is real then Tony and friends already READ IT officially!. Sudah baca, betul?

What NEW exposes are you talking about?

In fact,, the AG report was specially requested by the govt especially for the use of the PAC panel.

Because of the thickness and complexity of the report, PakaTun thinks they can fool the people to think it is a big BOMB - when the PAKATUN themselves have already officially read it months ago - and got clarifications from questions that they themselves asked.

PakaTun wants to play "Hah! Tak berani dedah, mengapa? Takut? Apa yang disorok? (but do not mention their people already read)".

And this is why Tony and friends were willing to sign off on the final PAC report - WHICH WAS MADE PUBLIC - which contained the final conclusions on 1MDB based on all the evidence and witnesses presented including the final AG report.

And Sarawak Report itself is quite foolish to release the full AG report instead of just releasing the most harmful parts of it. This will kill off any leverage or mystery that Sarawak Report would have held.

In my opinion, I fully support the govt to declassify and release the final AG report but WITH the clarifications, witness testimony in the PAC and their side of the explanations about the report .

Yes, it is a lot more work for the govt but just releasing the AG report itself without the clarifications, rebuttals and conclusions reached is dangerous as it will mislead the people about the final conclusions - which should always remain the final document, the PAC report.

I am not sure the govt is willing to do all this extra work when it was already done by the PAC panel which was especially set-up for this.

In the previous parliament session, the govt released the final PAC report. In the next session, they can always release the AG report - which is just one of many documents used to reach the final conclusions in the PAC report.

And even after that. if the PakaTun are still not happy then I suggest you all do a deklarasi bersama, go on roads shows, get dodgy signatures and form some new version of Pakatan Whateva.


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